On the management of flexible learning and e-Learning instruction with student charts
- A practical approach to liberalization of learning and individual instruction -
Mitsutoshi Yahara, Kampei Miyakawa, Takeki Yahiro, Masahiro Tsutsumi, Toshiya Minezaki, Morito Takahashi, and Hiroshi Narushima

The students who enter a university are diversified because of the falling birthrate and the diversification of the entrance exam forms in recent years. Therefore, the establishment of a new learning system to educate these students is needed. As one of these solutions, e-Learning is used. However, it can be considered that the desire for study decreases if the e-Learning teaching material is the only method offered the student. In this paper, the feature and the results of the approach on e-Learning with the student charts of the Tokai University Fukuoka Junior College for the practice of "Liberalization of learning and Individual instruction" are described.

Key Words: e-Learning、学生カルテ、個別教育、メンタリング