The proposal report on an experimental 'action research' for citizen participation in community developments in Dokai-bay, City of Kitakyushu
Yuji Takeuchi

The phrase 'citizen participation in community developments' is often heard in recent years. However, the concept is hardly achieved in the real world planning. In order to find why it is so difficult to make citizen participation work, the author carried out an experimental workshop project where local residents participated voluntarily in formulating an action plan for the improvement of their neighborhood in Dokai-bay of the City of Kitakyushu. Our experience shows that the area residents are willing to participate when they are given and are aware of the actual means to do so. We need to keep a citizen network to raise the awareness of the residents on their own neighborhood so that they can think and act for themselves in improving their community.

Key Words: Community development, Citizen Participation, Workshop, Planning Process