A study of club activities in Junior College:
Promoting Quality of Campus Life
Kanji Kitahama

Although generally a number of university or junior college students avoid joining club activities because of lack of motivation, the club activities in Tokai University Fukuoka Junior College are different from other colleges. However, the junior college students need to be helped as much as possible by staff and faculty in order to manage club activities. Various kinds of assistance helps the students improve in all aspects of junior college life, including studies and private life. This report demonstrates the ways in which Tokai University Fukuoka Junior College has handled the club activities within the past two years. The search for a new style of club activities, such as how the studentsf motivation maintains the club activities and promotes the quality of campus life, will also be discussed. Through club activities and the introduction of Intramural Sports, it is hoped that the attitudes of reluctant students will improve.

Key Words: club activities, junior college, quality of campus life, Intramural Sports, recreational sports