An analysis of destination choice factors for Japanese senior travelers to Hawaii
Yuko Okata

This study focused on the growing number of Japanese senior travelers to Hawaii, which is likely to become an important market for Hawaii's tourism in the near future. The purpose of this study was to explore the factors influencing destination choice of Japanese senior travelers to Hawaii and examine the differences between senior and non-senior travelers. Data were collected from the sample of 211 Japanese travelers by conducting a self-administered survey. Then, the collected data were sorted into two groups, seniors and non-seniors, and analyzed independently. Factor analysis was performed and the results identified three underlying factors of Japanese senior travelers when deciding to travel to Hawaii: uniqueness of Hawaii, safety and comfort, and sports activities. The results also showed that Japanese senior and non-senior travelers were mostly similar in terms of destination choice. The study could provide a useful insight to evaluate current market programs targeting Japanese senior travelers to Hawaii.

Key Words: destination choice, Hawaii tourism, Japanese travelers, senior travelers